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VS1000 3D Laser Scanner

VS1000 3D Laser Scanner based on pulses ranging principle, could quick acquire massive point cloud data from the complex geometry of the scene, can be used in engineering surveying , urban building surveying , topographic mapping , mining, deformation monitoring , factory / large structures / pipeline design , aircraft and ships manufacturing, road and rail construction , tunneling, bridge reconstruction , water conservancy, airport and port engineering and other fields .

Through an external full- frame camera Canon 5D Mark II, which can get the point cloud and image data from the measured object in each surveying. VS1000 Field-of-View up to 360° x 100°, angle control precision 5 ", the effective measuring distance 600m, Data acquisition speed of up to 36,000 points / sec, point accuracy ± 1.2mm @ 50m, distance measurement accuracy ± 50mm, 7- inch touch screen control , reserved data communication and memory interface .

Also has WiFi hotspot functionality , could be remotely controlled via tablet PC , PDA or smart phone , could be operated easily in outdoors. The work organization, data storage checking and files output will be convenient, it’s suitable for variety of field data collection. It’s the ideal tool for field topography measurement data acquisition, with excellent value for money, suitable for batch using for each corporation.

For the convenience of customers using, We provide point cloud processing software Cloud Processor, which developed based on the Windows platform, supporting large data management, intelligent editing, multi-station stitching and color matching, 3D modeling, DSM, DTM, DEM, special effects production. It provide a comprehensive solution for fast 3D scene reconstruction, roaming, virtual reality and visual simulation.


Effective measuring distance up to 1000 m
Class I Infrared Laser 
Field-of-View up to 360° x 100°
Data acquisition speed of up to 36,000 points / sec
Built-in 32G SD card
Built-in tilt compensation
Built-in GPS positioning system
Built-in lithium battery working duration over 8 hours
External million pixel digital camera
Optional PDA, tablet computer manipulation (WiFi)

Instrument Type Pulsed, High-speed, Long distance 3D laser scanner

External Canon 5D Mark II

Type  VS1000

Accuracy of single measurement(50m)

Position ±1.2mm@50m





Laser Scanning System


Type Pulsed



Laser Class

Class I( EN60825-1)



Scan rate

Highest rate 36,000pts/sec
Average rate Based on the scanning density and range

Scanning density


Beam divergence 1.9 mrad
Optional Points resolution can be selected independently of the horizontal and vertical directions
Angle control accuracy (horizontal/vertical) 2″


Horizontal 360° (maximum)
Vertical 100° (maximum)
Scanning Optic

Vertically rotating mirror on horizontally rotating base;
Automatically spins or oscillates for minimum scan time

Data storage capacity

32GB SD Card

External Camera

single image 100°×100°: 21 megapixels(2592 x1944)
Full 360° x 100° dome:14 images

Onboard display

Touch screen control,
full color graphic display (840 x 480 pixels)

Remote Control


Instrument position and alignment

Laser alignment and GPS positioning (optional RTK)

Level indicator

External bubble
Built-in high accuracy tilt sensor, automatic compensation


Power supply 24V DC(Built-in lithium battery)
Power consumption <35W
Duration >8 h (room temp)


Operating temp. 0℃ to +40℃

Storage temp.

-25℃ to +65℃
Lighting Fully operational between bright sunlight and complete darkness
Humidity Non-condensing atmospheric state
Dust/humidity IP55

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