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F30 Fixed-wing UAV

*Fuselage length: 550mm
*Wingspan: 1200mm
*Flying total weight: ≤1400g
*Mission payload: 300g
*20.1 megapixel SONY camera, ground resolution:2cm
*Flight height: <600m
*Flying speed: 60Km/h
*Flying time: 40 to 50 minutes
*Maximum resistance to wind scale: 4 level
*Control radius: 10 to 15 Km


F30 portable, easy to use, simple operation, low maintenance costs, high security.

It can carry a single-lens camera or compact cameras, regional rapid aerial. Can be used to detect forest trees, agricultural testing and hazard assessment, rapid mapping of terrain, search, rescue and assessment about natural disasters, such as: floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc.

Integrated GPS receiver, three-axis MEMS gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, three-axis magnetic sensor, high-precision barometer. Attitude combined with the control module, more compact, smaller. Enables automatic take-off and automatic landing, you can maximize reduce the operating pressure.

Captain autopilot installation direction can be adjusted according to actual needs, to facilitate the flight control system wiring connections, and flexible use of aircraft interior space.

High-performance GPS receiver, 10Hz data output, 35 seconds rapid positioning, 2.5 m CEP accuracy, GPS with battery memory location parameters, reduce secondary positioning time.

100Hz inner attitude control, 10Hz outer navigation control. Three control modes: manual remote control, remote control augmentation, and 3D mode control.

Support automatic camera according position and time, integrated POS information recording module can record pictures point latitude and longitude, altitude, speed, flight attitude, etc. To facilitate post-processing image data.

Ground station software includes electronic map function, you can change the route and tasks online, real-time semi-autonomous remote control, and real-time recorded flight data and offline playback

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